4 Reasons Why Barasat is Preferable for Duplex Apartments

Everybody holds the view that a home is all about the location it is set in.

Even experts will agree with the same.

But is a home just about connectivity and public amenities nearby?

While staying connected to the city is important, the quality of life cannot be compromised. Of course, flats in Kolkata definitely promise a good lifestyle. But why not think outside the box for a change? Look beyond the average and turn your attention to Kolkata’s outskirts.

For end-users and investors alike, there has been more interest in the suburbs due to the promise it holds as a setting for a home. With development taking place in full swing, there has been more participation from popular builders as well as families looking to buy the perfect apartment.

This is why Barasat has become a popular choice today. Even as this region is situated at a distance from central Kolkata, it fulfils every demand of a modern residential area. Furthermore, there are more developmental activities like the expansion of the metro service and the construction of flyovers/underpasses to reduce congestion and improve daily commute.

So, whether ordinary flats or duplex apartments, Barasat is truly worth exploring.

Here are the 4 top reasons why.

Features that Make Barasat a Popular Residential Area

Great Location Benefits

Today’s Barasat is definitely different from a few years back. Witnessing an evolution in the locality, there is now an abundance of educational institutions and medical centres spread across here. Moreover, there is absolutely no shortage when you look at basic necessities like grocery stores and restaurants. So, if you compare flats in Kolkata to those of Barasat, you will find no compromise in quality.

Modernity Infused with Nature

Those looking for housing projects in Kolkata have begun shifting their focus to the quiet bliss of the countryside. Barasat primarily wins here due to its presence of greenery and water along with a relatively slower pace of life in contrast to the hectic pace of the main city. You can also expect improved social infrastructure and the presence of vital public amenities that help maintain a high standard of living.

Remarkable Connectivity

In a world where time is everything, saving it for family becomes important. That’s also where flats in Barasat have got it all figured out. Here are a few benefits you should definitely know:

  • 30 mins away from Sector 5

  • Positioned near the Airport

  • Well-connected through road

  • Upcoming metro facility

  • Presence of a railway station

Affordable Range of Properties

The housing demand for homes here is further amplified by the fact that many big players of Kolkata’s real estate scenario are actively involved. Brands such as Fortune Realty have created projects that satisfy the appetite of buyers through quality homes without the high costs. Seeing the potential of this area, the affordability of properties makes Barasat a great choice for duplex apartments.

Buying a home is always a decision that involves your hard-earned money.

It’s also a decision made for the future in sync with the interests of your loved ones.

Putting strong reasons forward, duplex apartments in Barasat come with double the space inside with plenty of benefits outside. With projects like Fortune Township, you can be sure that you’ve made the right decision – especially when you consider its duplex homes, private lawns, upgraded amenities and so much more!

So, invest in a place that brings the best to you.

Check out Fortune Township today!


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