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People buy homes for a variety of reasons. The main one among them all is to have a permanent residence alongside the need to enjoy a better standard of living. Yes, that would normally include features such as bigger interiors, better amenities and good location advantages that would help with daily life.

But one major aspect of buying a home that is often overlooked is the need for Vaastu.

Families have often preferred Vaastu compliant flats in Kolkata when selecting a new home. Often interchanged with luck, it is said to bring positive energy and satisfaction to dwellers. To put it simply, this is because it adds to the value of life through considerations about direction and placements of rooms.

This concept has become truly popular when you think about the real estate scenario in the city. Especially when choosing luxury flats in South Kolkata – a prime residential hub. But there is one fundamental problem that exists:

“Though there is a lot of buzz in the market about Vaastu-compliant properties, not more than 5% of the home buyers are aware of the details of the science,”

-          Prashant Nath, AVP, Veez Capital.

So, what exactly is Vaastu and why should it be used for premium apartments in Kolkata?

Here’s a comprehensive look at this popular concept.

What Makes Vaastu Compliant Flats in Kolkata Stand Out from Others?

Vaastu Shastra is an ancient principle that lays the groundwork for capturing nature’s positive energies inside a home. This is best seen through geometric patterns, directions, structures and other spatial considerations which translates to more health and prosperity for family members.

As seen through flats in Alipore, it is said that Vaastu works to capture positive cosmic energy in spaces. This doesn’t necessarily mean a home – it could also be schools, temples or temples. All that matters is that spaces are carefully optimized according to the set principles of this ideology.

No wonder Vaastu compliant flats in Kolkata are witnessing such high demand!

Glimpse through this comprehensive set of features before buying a home.

Top Checklist of Pointers Before Buying Premium Apartments in Kolkata

There is a few simple yet effective list of guidelines laid down for a good Vaastu home.

The main ones to keep in mind are as follows:

  • Ensure that the entrance is at the north-east corner

  • The bedroom should be located at the south-west corner

  • The south-east direction is the best for the kitchen

  • The north-east or north-west is recommended for a child’s bedroom

  • The north-west or south-east corner is suitable for washrooms

Benefits of Opting for Vaastu Compliant Flats in Kolkata

By making the best use of spaces, residents can expect a good inflow of natural light and air inside. Good, well-planned positioning leads to better ventilation and in turn, better health. Besides that, the ancient art of Vaastu Shastra is said to bring about satisfaction and inner peace to families. Another theory suggests that it can also provide monetary gains and financial success. With these in mind, it’s safe to say that you can expect an all-round sense of satisfaction from this type of ready to move apartments in Kolkata.

Strictly adhering to this checklist may be near impossible but it should definitely be followed as far as possible. But you can skip the search and opt for Fortune Estates and its luxury flats in South Kolkata. Besides being Vaastu compliant, it is perhaps the best choice for a home due to its upscale location, high-end amenities, superb connectivity and of course, its king-sized 4 and 5 BHK residences!

Expect maximum value with Vaastu compliant flats in Kolkata at Fortune Estates.  


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