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By and large, Kolkata has proven to be an attractive hub for today’s residential properties.

People flock here in large numbers due to educational needs, employment prospects, cultural joys and of course, you can’t forget about the cuisine.

However, the spotlight has always shined on the southern region. Where location is everything to the modern homebuyer, luxury apartments in South Kolkata have shown tremendous demand due to a variety of advantages. 

Here’s a short sneak peek into the wonders of this region.

Why Choose South Kolkata as a Residential Zone?


With destinations like Gariahat and shopping malls as big as Acropolis and South City, people have flocked here without thinking twice. When you choose apartments for sale in South Kolkata, you have the convenience of popular retail chains and branded showrooms just beside you.


South Kolkata is definitely an upscale residential area. Being a favourite among top real estate brands today, you’ll find a sublime combination of both culture and modernity. Esteemed heritage clubs, theatres, restaurants and so much more – all at a wholesome place.


There’s no doubt about the need for quality education today. Choosing flats for sale in Alipore and other nearby areas will bring the best to your doorstep. IIM Calcutta, Jadavpur University and Bhowanipur Education Society are some of the renowned names that can be easily reached.  


The best thing about living in South Kolkata is the developed infrastructure and systems of conveyance it enjoys. Backed by a superb link through metro, rail and road, you can expect to be conveniently connected to all that Kolkata has to offer. You can now stay close to the things that truly matter.


Keeping in mind the strong need for timely medical assistance, luxury apartments in South Kolkata tend to be positioned close to good medical centres. Kothari Medical Centre, B.P. Podder Hospital and other big names can be found without the long drives and congestion of traffic.

And if it’s about the quality of living, Fortune Estates is always the first choice.

Created by Fortune Realty, these premium apartments in Kolkata bring the best of South Kolkata on a platter. This builder’s expertise of over 30 years has given its offerings every ingredient that happiness denotes. Of course, it gets even better with Fortune Estates.

Here’s what to expect when you choose these flats for sale near Alipore.


Embrace True Luxury with Luxury Apartments in South Kolkata

The major highlight of Fortune Estates is definitely its elegant 2/3 BHK apartments.

Being the first planned green building in the area, it definitely has an edge over the others when it comes to the standard of living. Of course, it does not compromise on the need for good surroundings. Through these apartments for sale in South Kolkata, you get a wide variety of benefits! Here are a few that are definitely worth noting down:

  • Well-crafted layouts inside with wide balconies

  • More than average ceiling height of 10 feet 6 inches

  • In sync with Vaastu principles for enhanced positivity

  • Cool and calm interiors through autoclaved aerated bricks

  • Created to offer better cross ventilation

  • VRF/VRV central AC system that adheres to green living

Positioned just walking distance from Rashbehari Crossing, Fortune Estates is also known to offer great benefits to everyday living. For instance, the nearest school (Sri Sri Academy) is just 2 mins away from these premium apartments in Kolkata. At the same time, B.P.Podder can be reached within a 5 mins drive! All your necessities housed just minutes for your convenience.

That’s perhaps the main takeaway here.

Giving comfort a whole new meaning, choosing a new home has never been easier!

Explore a lifestyle that puts your ease and contentment above all else.

Book your new 2/3 BHK residence at Fortune Estates today!


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