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Perfection is often considered a state of mind. Where everything is complete order, where everything is picture-perfect in every aspect of the term. Often elusive, people equate the concept of perfection with chasing something that doesn’t exist.

This is especially seen in the context of luxury flats in South Kolkata.

There are a variety of builders that use the term ‘luxury’ to denote a higher standard of living with their projects. However, that is not often the case. Using comfort, convenience and luxury often interchangeably, the implication of luxury homes has seen to be diluted in an attempt to drive sales and garner more popularity.

Only a handful of builders are known to provide premium apartments in Kolkata.

So if you’re in search of perfection, turn to Fortune Estates by the esteemed Fortune Realty.

Fortune Estates: For an Elegant and Sophisticated Living Experience

Here’s what constitutes the parameters of perfection in terms of a residential property.

  • Spacious, well-ventilated apartments

  • Smooth connectivity to other regions

  • Splendid benefits from the location

  • Higher calibre of amenities for leisure

With a brief understanding of the above, Fortune Realty has created its flats in Kolkata to give families the life of comfort and contentment they seek. Reciprocating faith with value, this builder has always delivered with time and quality. Whether positioning, facilities or setup of the interiors, Fortune Realty has left no room for error with its homes.

The same applies to its luxurious creation, Fortune Estates.

Employing the benefits of Alipore, a highly acclaimed residential area, you’ll find that this project is flawless in every sense – both inside and out. Offering 2/3/4/5 BHK flats in South Kolkata, here’s what makes up the appeal of its homes:

  • Wide balconies that complement its well-crafted layouts

  • Adherence to Vaastu principles for absolute positivity

  • Made with an emphasis on maximum cross ventilation

  • Autoclaved aerated bricks for cool and calm living spaces

  • Double glazed windows ensure an aristocratic look

  • 10 feet 6 inches – a ceiling height that’s far from ordinary

  • VRV/VRF central air-conditioning system that promotes green living

Putting the health and comfort of its residents as a major priority, Fortune Estates leaves no space for doubt. In fact, the location benefits of its premium apartments in Kolkata will make this even clearer. Nestled in a prized location off Alipore, Durgapur Bridge and Rashbehari Crossing can be reached with a short walk. Here’s a detailed list of what you can expect in its close vicinity:

  • 2 mins from Sri Sri Academy

  • Easily accessible to Bhowanipur Education Society

  • Lake Mall can be reached within 5 mins

  • 10 mins from BP Podder and Kothari Medical Centre

Endowed with the gift of the metro facility coupled with smooth road connectivity, daily commute need not be a burden anymore. Its flats in South Kolkata come with a promise of a life that’s defined by comfort in its truest form. To cater to this, Fortune Estates reserves a stellar set of amenities that looks after its resident’s needs of relaxation and rest. Check out the same below:

  • 2,500 sq. ft. AC lounge

  • Yoga deck

  • Children’s play deck

  • Landscaped decorated terrace

  • Gymnasium

Not solely recognized by its location alone, it is these sublime mix of elements that gives Fortune Estates its immense popularity. Daily life can prove to be a burden but these premium apartments in Kolkata will surely take a load off your shoulders. Giving families the touch of undiluted luxury, it stands as a true reflection of perfection in living standards.

So if perfection is your ultimate goal, there’s no better place to be.

Book your new home at Fortune Estates today!

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