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Family always comes first. This phrase denotes a variety of implications. The first steps we take in life (both literally and figuratively) are because of the love and support of our loved ones. Similarly, they are the first teachers and role models that we look up to before we even step foot outside our homes. 

They have and always will be our first priority, don’t you agree?

Without family, nothing seems to bring complete happiness to people and a house never really feels like a home. Only a few real estate developers understand this and frame their residential flats in Kolkata accordingly. 

Standing apart from the rest, Fortune Realty has risen to play an important role when it comes to giving families the much-deserved happiness and comfort they seek.

If you take a look through its variety of project, you will find that each come with their own set of unique advantages and benefits. However, Fortune Township and its 2,3 BHK flats in Barasat are perhaps the most popular of them all. This is due to its splendid combination of features that naturally draw families looking to buy the perfect apartment.

So what exactly are these?

Let’s take a closer look into its duplex apartments in Barasat.

Providing Spaces for Cultivating Relationships and Making Moments

Family is a gift that needs to be treasured and cherished. This is exactly what Fortune Township’s flats in Kolkata aim to do. Its 8 acres of land area is adorned with ample greenery and facilities that make life seem almost effortless. In fact, the project boasts its own selection of commercial complex facilities which eliminate the need for stepping out for daily essentials.

In case you do need to travel, you’ll find a great deal of benefits that keeps you connected with ease. These flats in North Kolkata enjoy easy access to a railway station as well as easy transportation via road. 

You’ll be glad to hear that the upcoming metro facilities will be a gamechanger upon its completion. In terms of access to public amenities, main schools and colleges are located just 10 minutes away.

Of course, the project premises themselves are designed with families in mind. Inside, you’ll find dedicated areas for both personal relaxation and well as family time. Set within a gated community, these duplex apartments in Barasat offer facilities such as a multigym, community hall and reading room for residents. 

Whether a short encounter at the adda zone or the peaceful solitude of the yoga room, Fortune Township has it all!

Highlights of Fortune Realty’s 2,3 BHK Flats in Barasat

  • King-sized residences with 2/3 BHK duplex apartments

  • Ample greenery and open space for the essence of nature

  • Complete safety and security within a gated community

  • Splendid complex facilities such as ATMs, laundry service, etc.

  • Only 20 mins away from Kolkata International Airport

  • Upcoming Barasat Metro link within easy reach

  • Modern selection of amenities like swimming pool, etc.

  • Easily accessible to schools and medical centres nearby

Life’s finest moments deserve a venue and Fortune Township is flawless in every way. Prepared to offer a lifestyle that’s customized to all your needs, these duplex apartments in Barasat give families the lifestyle they so eagerly desire. Especially when it comes to the living space you can expect with its homes.

Paving the way for more convenience and quality experiences, these 2,3 BHK flats in Barasat represent all that life is meant to be. Simple and comfortable. Modern yet serene. Giving your loved ones the touch of upgraded living, there is no better place to be.

So why settle for the ordinary when you get so much more?

Book your apartment at Fortune Township and experience the taste of perfection with your loved ones. 

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