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Having a self-owned home is every person’s dream. It is not just owning a place but the overall experience of home buying and decorating it that matters. Considering the investment amount, for some it might be a once in a lifetime event and hence contains several emotions attached to it. 

With the increase in the number of home buying the real estate industry is also evolving at a rapid rate providing a plethora of varieties and options for new home buyers today. With a higher return on investment, real estate is now considered one of the greatest financial vehicles that people are putting their money into. 

Fortune Realty brings luxurious properties nestled at the heart of Barasat allowing you to live your life duplex size within a gated Township and achieve the Heights of your dreams. Named after its features, the properties by Fortune Realty are Fortune Township and Fortune Heights (HIRA Regn. No.- HIRA/P/NOR/2018/000091). From duplex to 3 BHK apartment in Barasat, we bring to you two well-designed properties that make your dream living come true with coveted amenities like swimming pools, gymnasium, walking pavilion, playground, meditation gardens and plenty others. 

Having said that, buying a property requires you to keep several factors under check apart from the facilities offered. If you have been following us, go back and read the common aspects you need to consider. In addition to that, we would like to take you through one of the most important factors that you should consider – the documents. 

Given below is a property document checklist that you must verify before buying your dream flat – 

Sale Deed

It forms the very first document that is prepared in the anticipation of the property. It is considered one of the core documents that so far as legal proof testifying the sale and the transfer of ownership of the property when sold. The sale deed consists of elaborative information on the property mutually decided by the seller and the buyer and may include purchase price, terms and condition of buying, and so on. A sale deed needs to be registered in the sub-register office under whose jurisdiction the property is situated. It needs to be registered within 4 months, starting from the date of execution. If otherwise a penalty shall be paid or the registration may stand invalid. The sale deed is also termed as the title deed, conveyance deed for the mother deed. 

Building Plan

Before you buy a property, it is important to cross-check the building plan. Normally the local municipal authority approves the building plan. A building plan is also termed the site plan and is generally a document that contains the blueprint of the entire project, including utilities and equipment layout. 

Before you finalize buying the property, it is important that you check the layout of the building and also ensure that it has been duly approved by the local authorities. If otherwise, the property might be at risk of being demolished or may be denied occupancy in the latter days. 

No Objection Certificate 

No objection certificate is a document issued by the seller, including NOCs of the infrastructural facilities like sewage, environmental clearance, water, electricity, safety approvals, and such other amenities. As a buyer, you should also have a copy of the NOC once the property is purchased. 

Mutation Certificate

The mutation certificate is the affirmation of the property’s ownership, identifying the property owner’s respective owner in Government records and establishing tax liabilities on the owner. 

Occupancy/Completion Certificate

The local government agency is in charge of issuing the  Occupancy Certificate (OC)  once this is completed and is declared eligible for habitation. The certificate declares that the property has been built in accordance with the laws and approvals of the government and is now suitable for occupancy. 

Along with the occupancy certificate, you are also required to get hold of the completion certificate that is issued by the municipal authorities once the project is completed. 

These two documents form court documents required to is approvals of loans and financial facilities from banks and financial institutions. These documents also speed up your request for sanitation, water, electricity and other essential connections. 

Encumbrance Certificate

An Encumbrance Certificate ensures that the property does not hold any dues and is clear for occupancy. An encumbrance certificate confirms that the property you are about to own is free of monetary and legal liabilities. You can obtain this document from the sub-registrar office, from where the property has been registered. 

Apart from the above-mentioned documents, other certificates that you need to secure includes, allotment letter, property card, possession letter, extract certificate, tax receipts, General Power of Attorney, commencement certificate, agricultural to non-agricultural land, compliance under RERA act 2016 and more. 

Be it a duplex or a 3 BHK apartment in Barasat, it is important to secure the required documents to free yourself from legal liabilities and to prevent the hassles of legal acquisitions. For further assistance, you can get in touch with a real estate company like Fortune Realty who would be more than eager to assist you in deciding to buy and settling down in your new dream home.

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