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A duplex apartment is a very interesting form of living space. While many harp on well-designed interiors and spacious kitchens or bathrooms, this type of apartment offers both with an abundance of space inside. It fuses the convenience of a residential apartment with the essence of a traditional home. In other words, two separate single-family units can seamlessly co-exist in one apartment which has two individual floors linked either vertically or horizontally.

If you are searching for duplex apartments, why not direct your search to the city of Kolkata? Projects such as Fortune Township are offering quality duplex flats in Barasat. Moreover, the city holds a series of advantages when it comes to daily living and is sure to exceed your expectations as a residential area. 


Let’s check out why one should specifically buy duplex flats in Kolkata.


Reasons That Make Kolkata a Suitable Place to Buy Duplex Apartments

Top-notch residential area

Kolkata is fully developed in the sense that a modern lifestyle is known to exist here. International outlets and brands for fashion, cuisine, etc. dominate the nooks and crannies of its interiors along with its own unique touch to the same. You can find Park Street as one of the prime areas that celebrate this vibrant nature of Kolkata.

Cost-effective form of living

Whether cuisine or shopping or even the price of flats in Kolkata, you can get the best of these without making a huge hole in your pocket. This city is tailormade for budget-friendly living without a loss in standards where you can enjoy a metropolitan living experience as seen in cities such as Mumbai and Bangalore. Hence, Kolkata is known to attract people from various parts of the country.

Educational and medical facilities

St. Xavier’s School and College, Presidency College, La Martiniere, St. James – these are some of the most reputed educational institutions that one can find nationwide. Similarly, AMRI, Fortis and Ruby are some of Kolkata’s major destinations for healthcare and medical needs. Buying duplex flats in Kolkata are sure to provide these benefits to homebuyers.

Flawless connectivity

Understanding the need for easy options for commute, the city reserves easy ways to handle your worries of transportation. In fact, commuting inside the city is not a financial headache thanks to its vast array of options. Kolkata offers an extensive metro facility, buses, autorickshaws, trams, taxis, and Ubers for the convenience of its residents.

Development of suburbs

While the central region is more advanced than the outskirts, efforts are in order to raise the same. This can be seen through the expansion of metro lines in places such as Barasat. Moreover, you can find no shortage of the vital necessities needed for day-to-day living. All parts of Kolkata are turning out to be a suitable choice for buying duplex apartments in Kolkata.   

Series of attractions inside

Apart from a modern metro, Kolkata is known to attract many as it holds a rich heritage. The imperial, majestic structures such as the Victoria Memorial and St. Paul’s Cathedral never fail to turn heads. Eden Gardens, Prinsep Ghat are among other famous places to visit. As a result, you can expect the company of glamorous towers and several landmarks in this city.

As you can see, buying flats in Kolkata offer tremendous advantages to one’s life. What better way to enjoy these than by opting for duplex apartments? Kolkata is the perfect place for one to buy a new home and start life afresh. In aspects of daily living, the city scores full points as a preferable and contemporary choice of location today.

After all, location is the primary factor when searching for homes.

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