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Brands are an integral part of our daily existence. Whether the toothpaste we use or the shoes we wear, we often make our choices based on the best brands available in the market. We do this because we know that there will be guaranteed satisfaction and 100% value for money. We do this because these brands have gathered great trust and loyalty over the years.

Such is the case in the real estate industry as well.

Buying a home for many is always a once in a lifetime decision. Unlike toothpaste or shoes, it can’t be exchanged or refunded. Rather, it’s a decision that stays for life. It’s an investment that reaps benefits with time and simultaneously provides one a sense of pride as a homeowner.

Besides that, there are countless reasons to buy flats for sale in Kolkata:

  • Upgraded standard of living

  • Additional source of income through renting

  • Permanent residence for generations

  • Good location equals good appreciation

  • Secure, gated community for families

However, these are of little consequence if you do not choose the right real estate group in Kolkata. In a world where everything is built on trust, only a handful of names actually stand out from the crowd. And here, Fortune Realty has clearly made an everlasting impression across the city.

Its projects enjoy great preference among families looking to make the most out of their budgets. Being one of the top real estate companies in Kolkata, it offers residential apartments in segments across premium to modern yet affordable housing. Hence, its reputation is unquestionably impeccable.

But do you know how it all began?

Here’s the short story behind the success of Fortune Realty.

1100+ Satisfied Customers and an Exceptional Legacy

It took quite a while to become a popular builder recognized by many sections of society.

With its humble beginnings in the year 1985, this company was founded on the shoulders of the veteran Dr R.S.Bhartia. His involvement bore fruits in light of the skyscraping wonders that you see today. In fact, his exquisite knowledge and expertise in a variety of fields allowed him to spearhead this real estate group in Kolkata to new heights.

The torch was then passed on to his son, Padmanabh Bhartia, who has taken over the reins and carried on this father’s vision. Following his distinguished footsteps, he has achieved wonders in today’s real estate industry. Not only has he made his presence felt, but he has also succeeded to set benchmarks in the real estate sphere which is so very evident when you look at its flats for sale in Kolkata.

In-between the expertise of this duo, the primary motto of Fortune Realty still stands strong:

 ‘To accentuate the beauty of life and enhance the quality of living’.

The main purpose behind its creations is to bring out the beauty in life through well-crafted spaces and facilities. Everybody knows how hectic daily life can be. However, popular real estate companies in Kolkata like Fortune have always made room for families to create precious moments and memories. Of course, happiness only stems from time with the ones we hold dear and Fortune Realty aims to cultivate bonds and strengthen family ties.

While it is known to deliver top-notch residential and commercial projects, each of its offerings carries a mark of distinction that’s evident of the Fortune brand. So if you’re in search of splendid flats for sale in Kolkata, you’ve definitely come to the right place!

Here are its three popular creations:

  • Fortune Heights offering flats in Barasat

  • Fortune Township offering flats in Barasat

  • Fortune Estates offering flats off Alipore

Yes. It’s important to be completely sure of the real estate builder in Kolkata you choose to place your faith in. With Fortune Realty, rest assured that your dreams of homeownership and modern living come true with ease. Delivering in quality and reciprocating faith with value, you give your family nothing but the best when you choose this prized builder!

So go ahead, visit our website and start a brand new chapter today!

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