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You can adjust the interiors of a home however you like, but you cannot modify what’s outside.

There’s a reason why location is everything when buying flats in Kolkata today. This is simply because the region you choose to reside in will have a direct impact on the standard of living. But before even thinking of getting into the best locations and neighbourhoods, you need to know everything about the area.

And no, virtual walkthroughs and project brochures are not enough! To help your make the right choice, here’s a quick guide into evaluating a neighbourhood before investing in a residential project in Kolkata.

Don’t Buy Flats in Kolkata Without Checking These First!

Open up and talk to neighbours!

Even better than the website itself, a good conversation with the locals and neighbours is surely worth your time. Of course, nobody will know about flats in Barasat better than the people who have already been living there. From them, you will actually learn a lot! They might even tell you things and facts that even the builder may not be aware of.

Here is a shortlist of questions you should definitely ask:

  • How long have you lived here?

  • Are there any development activities happening?

  • What’s the biggest benefit of living in this area?

  • How are the other neighbours?

  • Is there any disadvantage of living here?

  • Have you noticed anything strange lately?

Ask these and you’ll have a clear idea of how the neighbourhood has changed with time, its current status as a residential area and what to expect from the area down the line.

Are you sure about the actual means of commute?

An ad might say ‘Metro facility nearby’ but maybe about 3kms away. Similarly, another may say ‘Well-connected by road’ but it may be a bad spot where no transport is available. Then again, you won’t get an idea about the commuting traffic there, current road conditions or time it takes to reach workplaces or schools just by ads and websites for flats in Kolkata alone. Hence, a check regarding the actual status of commute needs to be done beforehand so you spend less time in transit and more time in the comforts of your home.

Always perform a safety check beforehand!

Modern residential projects in Kolkata tend to be gated communities, which is an assurance of safety for families. But outside the project, the situation tends to be different than anticipated. It’s a known fact that the safety quotient of any neighbourhood directly relates to the value of a property. Always check if the nearby surroundings are well-lit and safe. Also, enquire into the crime rate of the area. Places can be potentially unsafe after dark and being aware of this beforehand greatly helps to make the final decision.

Set aside a day for inspection

Once you fixate on a unit size, you are free to play with the setup as per your convenience. But fixing a specific location for a home gives no freedom since you will be dwelling in the same surroundings for years to come. Whether flats in Barasat or Kolkata, always ensure that you make the best decision. Check how noisy the area is, the distance to the nearest hospital and what’s around:

  • Schools

  • Restaurants

  • Grocery stores

  • Shopping malls

  • Supermarkets

  • Parks, etc. 

Keep in mind that people normally prefer flats in Kolkata in school districts since parents are always on the lookout for better and easier access to schools. More availability of schools equals a better value of the property. Also remember that while a mention of ‘popular school district’ may be stated, do take a close look at the list of schools that are mentioned.

Go online and explore the net!

Last but not least, check out local forums and reviews online for more clarity. There are countless blogs, articles and groups which are great for having your questions answered about both locations and the best real estate companies in Kolkata. Of course, it’s always better to speak to neighbours regarding the area itself but these online platforms and sites will surely come in handy.

You can never predict the future, but you can always ensure that it goes according to plan keeping everything in mind. Regarding the best choice of neighbourhood, you can avoid problems in future by following these simple yet highly effective tips!

It’s all about research so do make sure that you know the place inside out!

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