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When scouting for residential property in North Kolkata, you must have been given various tips to get the best home in the city. Some would say to emphasize on the developers, some would say to focus on the amenities. However, there is only one that truly matters in the end – location. You can decorate and upgrade your apartment countless times but you cannot change what lies outside your home.

Hence, the location factor has become the decisive factor when searching for properties in Kolkata. To make sure you get the best that a home has to offer, it is always wise to look at two vital aspects of a location – connectivity and social infrastructure. These will determine whether your investment will be profitable or not and it is always wise to do a thorough inspection of the area you choose.

In both these two aspects, properties in Barasat have emerged as preferable choices today. We only have various developmental activities to thank for this. In fact, nobody would have thought that Barasat would have risen to become a pick for homes (considering its underdeveloped roots in the past).

Let’s see why this is so.

Barasat – A Preferable Destination for Properties in Kolkata

Most would prefer an apartment in Central Kolkata because it is the most vibrant part of the city. Be it commute, entertainment or education, all would be assured within easy reach. What if you had the same advantages in another area? What if it was in a peaceful setting away from city life? That’s precisely what residential properties in Barasat bring to the table of real estate.

Barasat is located in the northern fringes of Kolkata. While it undoubtedly situated at a distance, that gap is slowly and steadily being bridged. The expansion of the metro facility is one of the things that homebuyers can look forward to. Besides that, Barasat possesses a good road network for commute. Serving as a major roadway junction, the presence of the NH-34, 25 and 35 can be found with properties in Barasat. State Highway 2 also runs through.

Of course, you cannot forget that the region also offers connectivity via rail. At just 10 minutes away, you can find the Barasat Railway Station. Choosing Barasat comes with yet another advantage – easy access to the NSC Bose International Airport. Those who fly for business purposes will be pleased to know that the Airport is just 15 minutes away. As you can see, Barasat has a well-developed network of connectivity at par with other central regions.

That being said, here is a glimpse of what you can find nearby:

Schools and colleges

  • Barasat Govt. High School
  • Satya Bharati School
  • Usha Martin School
  • Kalyani Public School
  • Central Modern School
  • Barasat College
  • Kingston Educational College
  • West Bengal State University
  • Adamas Knowledge City

Medical centres

  • City Life Hospital
  • Eco Hospital
  • Care and Cure Hospital
  • Vasan Eye Care

Entertainment centres

  • Jaya Multiplex
  • Sun City Mall

Why Choose Fortune Township among Residential Properties in Barasat?

Comprehending these above-mentioned advantages, Fortune Realty brings its presence to the region. Being one of the top real estate groups in Kolkata, they have earned a good reputation through their splendid homes and ability to provide a quality living. Understanding the need for a sophisticated lifestyle, Fortune Township clearly reflects their drive towards perfection.

Set across 8 acres of land area, you can find 21 blocks that successfully encapsulate the essence of nature inside. There is 75,000 sq. ft. of landscaped gardens with ponds plus about 2 lac sq. ft. of open area within the project. You can also find Commercial Complex Facilities such as a bank and ATM, grocery store, laundry service, doctor’s chamber, restaurant, chemist, etc.Bringing the best of the outside world to your doorstep, it’s not surprising that people are now being drawn towards the suburbs. Among these residential properties in Barasat, you can get a clear idea of what daily life in Barasat would look like. So, if you’re wondering – Is it worthwhile to buy a residential property in Barasat? – you’ve already got your answer.

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